Parenting quiet or introverted teens with confidence

If you are reading this page, I’m guessing you might have been looking for a while for resources to help you understand your introverted or quiet sensitive teen. I’m glad you made it here.

Parenting has many rewards and challenges. As a parent myself to three teens, I get all the glory and sometimes the challenges of being in their presence!

Introverted or quiet sensitive teens are really wonderful, and they also can be confusing. Sometimes they are talking, excited, helpful and then just as quickly, become sullen, won’t really say much and spend long periods of time in their room.

When as a parent you do research on how to best ‘parent’ your teen, I imagine most often the information doesn’t match your teen or your experience as a parent. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do. There are few resources which address these issues, so I’ve created a workshop for people who are parenting these teens.

As parents, we can better assist our teens when we have a better understanding of what they are struggling with. One of the gifts of specializing in working with these teens is that I hear from them first hand what happens for them internally on a daily basis. These are often the things that they struggle to verbalize to parents.

Upcoming sessions and details

This Parenting Workshop includes two sessions of two hours each.

Upcoming dates:

Nov. 15 & 22, from 7:00-8:00pm MST

Q&A Nov. 18 & 25 from 9:00-10:00am MST

Information session

  • Why these teens are struggling

  • How to deal with their emotional meltdowns

  • What to do when they are anxious and don’t want to do something

  • Helping them build better relationships

  • Understanding why they can be so hard on themselves

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Skills to support your teen

  • How to help your teen open up a bit more

  • How to help your teen talk about big emotions

  • How to help your teen manage overwhelm

To help integrate the information and to ask questions after you have experimented with implementing some of the suggestions, I also offer two Q & A sessions.

For the Q & A you are welcome to show up anytime within the hour to get your questions answered or stay for the whole time to hear and learn from what is happening for the other parents.

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I am a huge believer in the power of connection. As much as our teens seem to want nothing to do with us, underneath this, they really need a strong connection with their parents.

As parents, the more confident we are, the more we can handle the roller coaster of emotions.

I really do hope you join me. What I have seen in my practice is that the more connected these kids are to their parents, the better they do.

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