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5 Strategies To Get Through the Summer as a Highly Sensitive Parent

As we approach summer there are so many things to look forward to. More hours of sunlight, less clothing to manage with the little ones, more things to do outside with the kids and lazy summer days.

In theory this all sounds good, except as a highly sensitive parent you might have noticed that you do so much better with structured days. Without the kids in school, there is so much more to plan. And so many micro decisions to make. And so many emotions to deal with: our own and our kids’.

Here are 5 strategies that can make the summer more enjoyable, focusing on taking care of ourselves so we are better able to take care of our kids.

  1. Start the day on your own. I learned this early on with my kids. If I was woken up by them I had a very difficult day. I discovered that even though I received less sleep by waking up earlier, I was in a much better space when my kids woke up.

  2. Keep in check with yourself for how you are feeling and let this help decide the plans for the day. As HSP’s, sometimes our energy is really low, especially if we have spent several days in a row being more social than usual. It’s common for HSP’s to push themselves past their comfort zone but at some point we crash or we are so hard to be around. 

  3. Plan time for yourself on a weekly basis. What activities fill you up? Yoga, running, reading on your own at a coffee shop, a long walk in nature, meeting up with a friend? Whatever it might be, I highly recommend making this part of your weekly routine. As HSP’s we can get drained quickly. If we don’t take care of ourselves often enough, anxiety, depression, and negative self-talk is often what follows.

  4. At the end of each day, regardless of how difficult it was, write out at least three things that went well. Seemly small things like getting the kids out the door with minimal fighting or having 5 minutes to yourself while the kids played.

  5. Build in planned lazy days. We all need lazy days, kids and adults. But we live in a society that prioritizes being productive. The result can be filling our summer with so many plans. As HSP’s there really is a limit to how much we can do. So give yourself and your kids the gift of lazy days and see the positive impact this has on the whole family.

As a highly sensitive person (HSP) myself, I understand both the beauty and the overwhelm that comes with this. I have what I believe is the best job in the world as a therapist that specializes in providing therapy to those that are also HSP’s. In my work I help my clients understand their overwhelm and learn ways to manage it better.

I am able to offer counselling both in Alberta and Ontario, Canada. To find out if I am taking on new clients, feel free to contact me.