Tracy Fields Counselling

Tracy Fields,

Hi, I’m Tracy.

I’m a Social Worker and a Healer.

I’m introverted, highly sensitive, an empath, and intuitive.

For much of my life I struggled to find where I fit in. It seemed that I somehow missed the memo on how to act and think like others.

This all started to shift once I began my healing journey.

I came to see how being highly sensitive and intuitive was a gift. I learned different ways to manage my energy and compassionate ways not to take on the feelings and emotions of others.

I have learned that deep healing can happen once I began listening to my intuition; my inner guidance.

I am also a mom of three teens, two extroverts and one who is like me. I’m a co-parent and also have two lovely dogs.

Therapy Methods that I use:

  • Certified Hakomi Therapist. Hakoki is a somatic therapy that offers a gentle way to explore limiting beliefs about self, offers deeper insight into why the person is struggling, and allows emotions to come up that may have been held in for years
  • Narrative therapy. This therapy looks at the stores we tell ourselves that are often based on unconscious beliefs we hold about ourselves and others.
  • Neufeld Institute Intensive Level One. This therapy offers a deep understanding as to why we need to feel our emotions in order to heal.
  • Reiki Level One. This is a method of working that recognizes the energy we hold in our bodies. It explores where energy might be blocked which then can block our healing.