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3 Reasons why Quiet and Sensitive People struggle with friendships and how to change this.

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Three workshops will be offered on a rotating schedule approximately every 3 months.

Romantic Relationships

It is quite common for quiet and sensitive people to end up in relationships where they give so much more than their partner does. This often leads to resentment and sometimes the ending of the relationship.

This workshop will offer:

  • Red flags for highly sensitive people
  • Red flags for those that are introverted
  • How being too kind actually becomes problematic
  • How to decide to stay or end the relationship
  • Why it’s hard to end relationships as a sensitive person
  • Worksheets and homework
  • Date: Sept.12/23 7:00pm MST (will be online)
  • Cost: $105
  • Duration: 2hours
  • Register; email [email protected]


This might be one of the hardest things for quiet and sensitive people to talk about. It’s quite common for us to struggle in friendships from an early age and can end up feeling so much shame and embarrassment with this. The more we have struggled, the harder it can be to reach out.

This workshop will offer:

  • A deeper understanding as to why we have struggled
  • Exploring the relationship between how we feel about ourselves and making and keeping friends
  • How to manage social anxiety when with others
  • How to know if someone is wanting to become your friend and how to help this happen
  • How to spot and avoid toxic friendships
  • Date: TBD (will be online)

Managing Anxiety and overwhelm

Experiencing anxiety and overwhelm is very common for quiet and sensitive people. The higher the anxiety, the higher the overwhelm.

One way that we often deal with this is to avoid the situation or people that cause the anxiety to increase. This works…and it doesn’t.
It works in the moment but long term it can create a pretty shut down life that can lead to deep loneliness.

This workshop will offer:

  • Why we are so anxious as quiet and sensitive people
  • The connection between feelings and anxiety
  • Looking at the thoughts and behaviors that increase or decrease anxiety
  • Tools to manage overwhelm and anxiety
  • Date: TBD (will be online)