Tracy Fields Counselling

Quiet and Sensitive People

Whether this is the first time looking for counselling or you have already done some healing, it can be a hard thing to reach out for help.

Many of the people I work with are highly empathatic and intuitive but struggle to listen to themselves. Alternatively, some people are so disconnected from this. Either way, the end result is that they look to others for guidance as they aren’t trusting what they feel and see.

I think the most important thing in counselling is the having the right fit with your therapist. One key element in this relationship is having a therapist that understands your quiet sensitive nature, regardless of the issues that you are struggling with.

Here are some of the ways I help:

University Students

  • deal with the social aspect of school that is often overwhelming and can sometimes result in dropping out of school
  • Struggle to connect with other students
  • Homesickness
  • Unmanageable anxiety and depression

Romantic Relationships

  • Worry about how stable the relationship is
  • Your partner always telling you that your feelings are wrong
  • Avoid conflict so often end up not getting what you want
  • Partner doesn’t seem to notice your needs even when you point it out

Work Issues

  • Find that you are always picking up the extra because it’s so hard to say no and then end up overstressed and overwhelmed
  • Are often not invited to do things at lunch or after work
  • Don’t seem to be able to make good connections at work
  • Bullying by other staff members towards you
  • Always worry that you will be fired even when there is no reason to believe this


  • Hard to set boundaries with your kids
  • Hard to stay calm with your kids, especially in the mornings and getting them to bed
  • Have a hard time dealing with the constant noise
  • Feel selfish taking time for yourself so are feeling burnt out

Family Issues

  • Parents that never met your needs and you struggle to have a relationship with them now as an adult
  • Family calls you to vent, essentially the ‘therapist’ of the family
  • You feel disoriented and ‘off’ after spending time with them


  • Worry about everything
  • Worry about everyone
  • Overthink
  • Overanalyze
  • Panic attacks


  • A lingering sad feeling regardless of what you are doing
  • Feel like at any moment you could cry and are not always sure of why
  • Deep loneliness

Helping other Healers heal

I offer a safe, compassionate place for other healers; traditional and alternative healers, to do their own personal work as they help their own clients travel on this healing journey.

If any of this resonates with you, feel free to book a complimentary consultation.