Quiet and Sensitive or Introverted Teens

Adolescence is often perceived by teens, parents and society as a time when teenagers socialize with large groups of friends several times a week. For some teens, that’s not the experience they have and it has a significant impact on them. Most do not have the resources do overcome how they feel about not ‘belonging’.

They feel overwhelmed by all the noise and activity in the hallways of their junior high and high school. For those adolescents who are high achievers, they experience frequent bouts of anxiety even when they do well in school.

Many of these kids feel like they are not ‘normal’, they are different from their peers. This can led to feelings of low self worth and isolation. I help teens learn ways to manage anxiety and develop tools to better connect with peers.

If you or your teen is experiencing these concerns, let’s work together to build the resources to have a happier, more successful life.

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